Crazy restaurant deals – TODAY ONLY!!

UPDATE – This code just expired!!  Arrrghh!  But, you can still get 50% off going through  lemme know if it works.  I’m out today so won’t be able to blog more for a while!

Thanks to my good friend, Becs, I just bought gift certificates at for 80% off!  They’re already at GREAT prices so this is like crazy cheap.  I spent $16 for $200 worth of certificates!!!!!!!

All you have to do is enter this code when checking out:  EIGHTY.  The certificates are valid for 1 year but usually you have to spend a minimum of $35 but this is after the certificate.  For example; a $25 certificate that you paid $2 for means you only have to spend another $10 plus tip!!  $12 to eat out!
For more info on this great site, check out my earlier blog.


  1. … just tried to do this but it said the coupon expired. 🙁

  2. mylittleducks5 says:

    It was good talking to you. I just did the dimatapp deal. thanks. I was thinking on the ones you actually make money on. You could do those in green. That way those of us who are new to this can see it better. Just an idea. I will be thinking of ideas for you too.

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