Crazy CVS!

UPDATE: I got to my inbox this morning and saw 12 comments and new something was up! I am sorry it didn’t seem to work for most of you but I wonder if CVS spotted the “issue” yesterday and resolved it? I’m not sure. All I did was log in online, go to Extra Care and clicked under Current Coupons where I saw the ECBs I hold and then the other $25. Seems like it may not be working anymore. Sorry!

Ok, so I heard a rumour and can now confirm it’s true! If you have an Extra Care Card, you’re gonna want to jump on this ASAP!

Go to and log in. Once in you can view your account and ExtraCare Balance. It should show a $25 coupon good for a transferred prescription. Click on it.
Here’s the deal: It’s not for a prescription – it’s just $25 in ECBs that doesn’t expire til 1/9/09

Merry Christmas from CVS!!!

Ps If none of what I just said made any sense, head to my CVS 411 first!!


  1. I’m not sure where you saw that…I went to my account and saw nothing. Is there a specific page it’s on?

  2. Bummer. This doesn’t show on my account.

  3. it didn’t work for me-boohoo! i never saw anything about transferred prescr. when i looked up my ExtraCare account. congrats to those who were able to get this offer!!!

  4. It didn’t work for me.. boo hoo!!

  5. Thanks for the info!!!

  6. I couldn’t find this coupon at all. There is a list of my ECBs,my total balance shows above the tabs, no coupon to click on…Confused

  7. Where do you see this? I’m logged into my account and looked under every tab and see nothing about a prescription coupon?

  8. I am not able to see or print a coupon for a transferred prescription. Can you give me better instructions? Thanks!

  9. Mommy's a Couponaholic! says:

    I’m in my account and don’t see this anywhere!

  10. GritsGirl says:

    So i tried it and cant find what your are talking about

  11. I did it and I have no coupon that I can find:(

  12. Anonymous says:

    I’m in NC and I logged in, but there was no prescription deal like this anywhere on the site. Bummer!
    knchock at yahoo dot com

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