CRAZEE HOT DEALS (Some end today!)

This has been a whirlwind week for me and as I look back I know why: There have been INCREDIBLE DEALS GALORE! I was chatting to my Mum about it and she suggested a roundup on Fridays of the hottest deals out there so although I can’t promise it every week here’s this week in a nutshell. These are the deals that I don’t want you to miss!!

140 Custom Holiday Labels from Vista Print for $3 Shipped!
I was all over this deal on Wednesday when I saw it and ordered adorable caricatures of our family. Getting the labels is simple: go here order labels by looking under family and holiday. Design away then checkout. The labels are free, the shipping around $3

100 Christmas Cards/Postcards for $6 Shipped!
Ok so as if 140 labels for $3 shipped wasn’t enough, now Vista Print has 100 holiday postcards for $6 shipped! My frugal friend Katie always sends postcards instead of envelopes out at Christmas. Why? A postcard stamp is cheaper than a letter stamp! So since then when we send cards we try and do postcards. Normally we just print photos out for cheap then write on the back but with this crazy deal we’re going to be ordering our Christmas cards Here! Here’s how:

1) Go to Vista Print HERE.
2) Once you click through you’ll see postcards. you can choose from their designs (like the one above for a party) or upload your own photo and create a Christmas card.
3) Design away and then checkout.
4) It should end up costing right around $6. You actually get the postcards for FREE, you just have to pay shipping.

Some of you have commented that the shipping is too much but I love Vista Print! In fact it’s where I order all my business cards and I think they’re super cute! I get 250 for around $8 which is way way cheaper than any office supply place coz I compared. Yay for Vista! Don’t click through on any of the offers presented just stick to the freebies to get the best deals!.

3 Bags of Gevalia Coffee for $3 SHIPPED!
Yup, you read that right! Gevalia Coffee is having a CRAZEEE deal right now that if you go here
you can grab 3 bags of their awesome coffee and a travel mug for only $3. At that point you’ll be in their club. If you don’t like the coffee or wanna cancel, just do so after you get your coffee and there’s no obligations! What a stonkin deal! I love CHEAP good coffee!!!! Remember NO obligations so go here for your cheap coffee!! I’m thinking stocking stuffers?!

I Made $5 at Amazon

I rave on about SwagBucks and for good reason: search with them instead of the other search engines, you can collect points that add up to gift cards. Honestly it doesn’t take a lot and now instead of just getting gift cards they’ll give you cold hard cash into your PayPal account! I use them to search with and this last month I made enough for a $5 Amazon gift card. Not a ton but also not a ton of work. Someone asked if you can stack and the answer is YES! What I’ve been doing is saving til I get to $25 then finding items with FREE SuperSaver shipping and use 5 cards to get the product we need for close to free!! Go to SwagBucks here and they’ll give you 3 Swags just for signing up!

Mega Cheap Makeup
If you’ve never tried E.L.F; the super cheap makeup I rave about, then this one is gonna entice you. FREE 27 Piece Mini Makeup Kit With Any Purchase! Use code LOYAL thru 11/13
Their makeup starts at $1 so pay $1 plus shipping and get 28 pieces!

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