Confessions of a Frugal Shopaholic Purse Lover

Seriously, how cute is it???? Mummy Hearts Target!

So last week in preparation for the Eat and Greet at general Mills I was given permission from Hubs to buy myself a new purse. I decided I didn’t want function but form and headed to Target for an oversize black purse. Problem: There were tons of them and I couldn’t decide. I discarded the expensive one (still only $35 – you know Target!), and headed to the mirror with 5 others to “try them on.” There I stand in the full length mirror seeing how they look and narrowed it down to 3. Stink! I only have Isaac with me, who can I ask?

I wandered the store looking for a young sales associate who would understand not needing function over form and come up empty handed until I run into another young Mum.

“Excuse me, I’m sorry to be rude,” I began, “Which of these purses do you like? You should know it’s not for practical purposes but how it looks.”
“Oh” She says, clearly startled and picks out the one that I was erring towards.
“Thank you so much,” I reply and then ask, “Do you like free things? Would you like to slash your grocery bill because if so you should visit my website!”

I grab a business card, hand it to her and leave her looking at me dumbfounded. As I walk away it hit me that the conversation may not have gone the same way as I imagined it in my head and she probably thinks I’m a big idiot! Either that or as my mother in law says, she’ll visit my site to see how a shopaholic purse lover can get free groceries!
Stranger, if you’re out there, please say hi!

That night here’s how my conversation went on Twitter with my dear friend, Natalie. Right before we both got really sick because of some deep fried Twinkies. Seriously I HATE Twinkies but LOVE them deep fried. Til the sickness there were becoming one of my fave things about the US!!!

nataliejanetteDoes anyone else do this? @mummydeals tries on purses b4 buying! In front of the mirror!

bubblecakesbabyI totally do this! Too Funny! @nataliejanette RT Does anyone else do this? @mummydeals tries on purses b4 buying! In front of the mirror!

CorrinRenee@nataliejanette @mummydeals absolutely! i try purses on infront of the mirror. w & wo a coat. gotta make sure it looks good from all angles!

nataliejanette@mummydeals @corrinrenee APPARENTLY I’m the only one!

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