Come Chat With Us!!!

Ok so while I was at Blogher I met the coolest gadget, theblogfrog. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve thought about Mummy Deals and what I’d like to see. Where this is all going and how I can help even more people. So, this is just the start. Nowadays Mums are online more than any generation before and in this new age where we don’t live near our Mums or other family members, it’s becoming harder to connect and find friends. Sure Facebook has helped but do you really wanna go back and hang out with friends that you may or may not have liked at high school?

Most of us are longing for deeper connections, sitting home and wondering if anyone else is lonely. If anyone else is having a hard time.

That’s why I decided to open the Mummy Deals community page. It’s a place where I hope like minded frugalistas can go and share ideas, bargains, help and community. It’s a place where experts like me (and some others) can help novices who’ve never got free things at CVS.

So, sign up via the left hand sidebar link and hop into the pond! I just put up a new topic about CVS – share your deals with us this week!

This forum will be evolving and I’ve got some exciting plans for it in the back of my head but for now we’ll start small and see if anyone else likes it as much as me!

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