Cocka Doodle Doo The Right Thing Review + Giveaway


April 30 is National Honesty Day and to celebrate Tommy Nelson has a great DVD out called Cocka Doodle Doo The Right Thing that the kids and I got to check out.

Featuring the voice talents of Amy Grant and Vince Gill the DVD teaches kids to do to others as we want done to ourselves. It follows the story of animals on a farm including Hercules the Rooster who thinks he’s too good to be helping with clean up and is a really cute story of farm animals and how when we work as a team it helps us to get projects that are not fun done quicker!

All the animals at the farm are brimming with hilarious anticipation when they hear that Farmer Bob has invited a special guest for dinner. But not everything goes as planned when Hercules doesn’t want to help and Sam treats the special guest like a nobody!

At the end of the DVD I asked my kids (Isaac 5 and Chase 2) what they thought and Chase loved it!  He wanted to play it over and over and although he can’t understand the concept he thought it was a cute story.  Isaac on the other hand understood the story.  It lead into some great teachable moments as we discussed treating everyone nicely and politely and how God wants us to be friends with everyone, including the kids no-one else wants to play with.  Any fun DVD that my kids beg to watch and then I can teach them life lessons about God is a great DVD to me!  With all the junk on tv I like to narrow our choices down to things like this.

Cocka Doodle Doo the Right Thing Overview

*ages 4-7
*animated DVD
*Teaches children important life lessons through Jesus’ teachings
*Encourages children to be respectful and responsible
*Educational bonus features help boost kids’ reading skills, with a read-along digital storybook, a music video featuring the letter C, and more

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You can buy any of the On The Farm with Farmer Bob DVDs at the online Thomas Nelson store

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Not only did we get a copy of the DVD but I’m giginv one away. Simply enter the Rafflecopter below to be entered!

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