Club BABW: $25 For Membership, Get a Free Bear and Lots More

If your little munchkin is a fan of Build-A-Bear then you’re gonna love Club BABW that has just launched in select cities across the U.S.

For $25 per year to Club BABW you’ll receive:

* FREE STUFF – Animals, outfits and accessories and V.I.B. membership
* EXCLUSIVE STUFF – mailers, gifts and Buzzworthy Cubazine
* COMMUNITY STUFF – Reward for helping in your community and donation to cause of choice

Right now you have to go to an actual Build-A-Bear store to sign up which means you can inquire more about the bear but from the looks of things you pay $25, get a bear that would normally cost more than that and then you get all the other perks like a starter kit, magazine and more freebies.
The cities Club BABW is available in are (sweet home) Chicago, Denver, Hartford, Houston, Indianapolis and Pittsburgh.

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