Clearance Deals at Target

Target has some FAB clearance deals that some readers have spotted this week:

1) I saw the Embark brand insulated lunch bags that were on sale for $3.99 (the small size) in their clearance a few days ago. if they’ve still got some left it’s a FAB deal:
Inside each bag there is a “Bonus for you” flyer for 6 weeks of Parents magazine for free and some coupons. The flyer, however, states that you can reject the subscription and get a $4.96 check instead.

2) Hefty Zoopals reusable cups clearanced from $2.99 to $0.74. Six cups in a pack. That means the cruddy Applebees/Chili’s etc kid’s cups will be kicked out the kitchen and into the sandbox. Thanks Leese!

3) While I was walking the baby aisles what do I find? A whole bunch of the Pampers “designer” diapers clearanced down to $6.50. I only had 3 Pampers coupons so that was all I bought, but I was super stoked!! They only had boy colors, but really who sees the diaper anyways? Woo-hoo! Thanks Stephanie!

Did you find a fab deal somewhere? Then we wanna hear? Email me or leave a comment!

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