Clearance Deals at CVS

I just got this email from Angela that I thought I’d share. While you’re there this week picking up all the awesome freebies, you may wanna grab some clearance deals or use those bucks up! Singing, “You let Dossena score!!!”

Bargain alert! CVS today had 75% – 90% all sorts of things.

  • 3 in 1 grill (waffle maker, sandwich maker and George foreman type grill) 75% off $25 down to $6.25!
  • Crockpot – same price!!
  • Photo storage boxes 75% off – $2 down to 50 cents!
  • CVS cough drops 75% off – $2 down to 50cents
  • Night time airborne 75% off $8 down to $2
  • My total bill was $18.43 for the grill, the crockpot, 3 photo boxes – 2 bags of cough drops and an airborne!!!

What a haul, Angela! Spot a clearance deal somewhere and alert us all by leaving a comment or dropping be an email.

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