Clair Boone Speaking Engagements

Me with my oldest, Isaac.

As well as being an author of I offer money saving training classes primarily in Indiana and Illinois.  Contact me @ mummydeals at to book me today!

When my son was born in 2008 my Husband and I made the decision that we would cut down to one wage and I would stay at home with Isaac. That year I combined coupons and my knowledge and purchased diapers from Walgreens for 20 cents a pack! My friends were amazed and I decided to start a blog about it so that others could see my frugal adventure too.

You can view some of my videos and a sample of a training seminar on the Mummy Deals You Tube page.

My Expertise:

• Becoming a Savvy Shopper
• Meal Planning
• Freezing and Stockpiling
• Do Warehouse Stores Help You Save?
• Couponing and Why It’s Not Always Worth Clipping a 25 Cent One
* Living in no-double-coupons land and surviving.
• CVS, Walgreens and the Drugstore Game
• There’s Freebies All Around
• Learning the Lingo of a Savvy Shopper
• Living on Less so That You Can Save More and Give More

Pick From 3 Classes:

Savvy Shopping: As Founder and Author of, Clair is an expert in saving money on your grocery bill, a speaker, newspaper columnist and blogger who has appeared on several television and radio shows including Windy City Live Chicago. She has conducted over 30 classes on saving money.

Meal Planning 101: Ever get that 4pm “what’s for dinner feeling?” As a Mom and self-confessed ‘busy chef’ Clair teaches you how to meal plan to save money, great recipes to use and what recipes can be frozen.

Becoming a Woman Who Gives: When you’re a busy Mom it’s hard to think globally and not always financially practical but in this class Clair teaches you how. As a former missionary to Thailand and current blogger for Operation Christmas Child, Clair will give your group plenty of ideas on how to pay it forward on a budget.

Contact me @ mummydeals at to book me today!


“We had Clair speak at our Mom2Mom group about Meal Planning. I absolutely loved her! She was funny and very informative. Lot of practical advice that I was able to easily implement in my meal planning. Looking forward to having her again.” Kim Blohm – Coordinator Peace Community Church Mom2Mom in Frankfort, IL

“In the three years of being in MOPS, Clair provided the most useful information and was the best speaker to date! Clair not only taught me how to find amazing deals in stores, but she cracked me up along the way! Great information, great advice, and a stunning speaker.” Jessica LaLonde.

“Clair is funny and authentic, and her ideas are practical and easy enough for every “Mum” to use!” Jen Sikma -Coordinator, Faith MOPS in Cedar Lake, IN.

“The moms in our group had a really fantastic time learning new ways to save our families money as we start the new year! You did a wonderful job providing a great deal of information in a very clear and concise way so that everyone, even those who didn’t know where to find coupons, could understand. To date, we have seven moms who have started using ECB and nine others who are dabbling in Walgreens register rewards. It is a wonderful occurrence when a speaker can come and affect lives in a short amount of time.” Christina Woelfel, Coordinator, Parkview PM MOPS, Illinos.

“Clair spoke for our MOPS Group this fall. She is a wonderful speaker. The information she provides is valuable to everyone! She keeps your attention and keeps her presentation moving (while still answering questions). I would highly recommend Clair to speak!” Julie Witvoet, Coordinator, Bethel MOPS in Lansing IL.
“Clair shared so much useful information. The people who attended our program are anxious to try her ideas!” Linda Herrick Swisher, Public Information Coordinator – Hammond Public Library

“I recently attended Clair’s Savvy Shopping Class, and I learned so much. The class was definitely worth the money, and you will make it back in Free products in no time. Just this week, I got $25.84 worth of products for $2.27. Thank you Clair!” Wendy B, Burns Harbor, IN

“The class I went to was amazing. As a mother of 2 young girls, it has been my dream to stay at home with them and all these tips are helping us reach that goal. I always have been quite thrifty, but this taught me even better ways to save money! The whole Walgreens/CVS freebies had me stumped, but the way it was explained was super easy!” Beth Mills, Hammond, IN

“Clair’s knowledge and ability to connect with moms helps make her a valuable resource for those trying to live on a budget. Through her class, I have learned to watch the sale flyers more carefully, strategically plan out my trips to each store, and make my coupons/rebates work to my advantage. She is engaging and witty while teaching the essentials for saving money.” Christine W. Dyer, IN

Contact me @ mummydeals at to book me today!