Check Your Email from CVS!!

Mummy just got a $4 off $20 coupon! That means that with all the goodies listed here I’ll be getting TONS for free and making moolah-lah-lah!!! I went in with a friend and bought Electrasol coupons for $2.48 so for $1.25 I’ll get all those goodies listed. The best bit? With CVS ECBS you don’t pay tax. Seriously CVS, you’ve got me hook, line and sinker!!!!


  1. Okay, the CVS tax policy confuses me!! Last night, I stopped at a local 24-hr store to get some school supplies, my total was $5.94 I used the EXACT amount in ECBs, and had to pay $0.42 for the tax. Then, today, I stopped in at another store to get the items I wasn't able to get last night, my total was $4.99 used $4.99 in ECBs, but didn't have to pay anything OOP. I asked the cashier, and she wasn't sure about it herself. Help!?

  2. Anonymous says:

    CVS is a ton better that "W" but the ECB's are confusing. Sometimes there's no tax, but mostly there is. They ring up the order and give you a total, then you have to figure in your head how much to give them in ECB's. I've sometimes used more than what's needed because of the tax issue. Once they use it, it's too late – you lose the extra money. Now, when I get close to the bottom-line, I simply ask how much is available to use with ECB's. They're not crazy about having to do it with each ECB, but usually it's not too much of a problem. Thee should be a better way…

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