The Cheapest Way to Get White Teeth

The Cheapest Way to get white teeth

My desire for white teeth a few years ago lead me to coupon and got some white strips for very, very cheap. It sure seemed like the cheapest way to get white teeth. I was pumped and ready to try to lose the coffee stain on my teeth so I got everything together and added the strip.


I do not have sensitive teeth but this hurt so bad that I quickly ripped it off. Determined though, I tried again a few days later and had the same experience. I’d got them for ridiculously cheap to get white teeth but it was not worth the pain so I went back to coffee stained teeth.

The hunt for white teeth

Teeth whitening is a huge business and high on most people’s lists of things they’d love to change about themselves but is it safe? I researched this a ton and couldn’t come to a good conclusion. Of course I feel like that is in part due to the amount of money made off teeth whitening. Some of the ingredients though are very questionable. Many patients who sit for 3 hours in a dentist’s chair are having their teeth covered in such ingredients as Coal tars, fluorides, aspartame, aluminum and benzene.

In the UK by Law “Tooth-whitening products and kits bought over the counter on the internet can legally only contain up to 0.1 per cent hydrogen peroxide. This concentration is too low to have any noticeable effect on the color of the teeth.” The problem is that many of our products contain 10 times the amount of recommended hydrogen peroxide!

The Solution: Cheapest Way to get White Teeth

I love my Young Living oils for many, many reasons and here’s reason #1324: Natural teeth whitening. For less than $30 you can buy 2 products that will help your pearly whites shine brighter! Brushing with Thieves toothpaste with a drop of Orange oil can drastically change your teeth color! Say whhhhhhhhha? A natural way to get white teeth??! Yup!

In fact I’m so excited about this that I’m doing a challenge on Facebook that I’d love you to join me on. If you don’t already have a designated oily lady and want to join my challenge then here’s how!!  Buy what you need to participate with me HERE:

1) Grab a tube of Thieves toothpaste. You can pick any kind but I prefer Thieves Aromabright.
2) Grab a bottle of Orange oil.
The retail cost on this is $27.63 + shipping but the wholesale cost is 24% less at $21.00. Wholesale membership does NOT mean you’re signing your life away but as Target only gives me 5% and I think that’s fab I’m way more giddy about a 24% discount. Learn more about that here.

Once you’ve grabbed those 2 items from here then please email me at mummydeals@yahoo . com to be entered into my private Facebook event. We start April 1 so grab what you need asap. There will be prizes worth $100!!

+++ If you do decide to purchase a wholesale membership via the Premium Starter Kit I’ll send you a bottle or Orange Oil for FREE!


Who’s with me?

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