Cheap Way to Cure Mosquito Bite Itch

It’s that time of year isn’t it? Well, it certainly is around here and I find that while I love sitting outside at night the mosquitos see me coming. while visiting a friend this week (hey Jen!) we stood outside her front door for 10 minutes and I got at least 10 bites! YAK! I itched all the way home and used the foolproof recipe I’ve always used: tiger balm. It’s available super cheap in Thailand where we were for 3 years (and I got eaten alive) but over here it’s pretty expensive.

Well, voila! No more tiger balm and no more itching thanks to another friends’ advice: rubbing alcohol. Stinkin marvelous! Something I already have on hand, costs less than a buck for a big container and works like a charm.

Rubbing alcohol: the cheapest way I know to cure mosquito bite itches!

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