Cheap tickets to the movies

* At AMC Cinemas, you can get free popcorn on Wednesdays and you can get 2 tickets for $15.99 at Costco. Also if you sign up for the moviewatcher card you get coupons every time you purchase tickets and you can get free things as you accumulate points, and one gets free stuff often. Thanks, Kath!

* If you haven’t checked out the Five Buck Club with Kerosotes Theaters you should! You can view some movies for only $5 which is great considering where tickets are going (ie UP!) It’s not new releases but sometimes movies that haven’t been playing that long are featured. Go here to sign up – it’s free!


  1. Also, the Merrillville 10 (near the mall) has all seats for $5 all the time plus free popcorn. And the matinee price (before 6 pm) is $3. We love that place!

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