Cheap Local Goodies

If you live in Northwest Indiana, ya’ll know that I lurve Jansma’s in Lansing as they’ve got amazing deals and it’s great produce. They know it too as I’ve asked them to build one closer to me! Next time you’re in there please tell them I sent you and maybe if we get enough people, they’ll do it!

Anyhoo, Rachel just told me about another great place, Remus Farms. It’s in Hobart, IN and they sell Amish butter and local honey. The best thing is they have coupons at their site here. I just went there and saw a special they have through 4/3/09 that you can get 1 dozen eggs, 1 package bacon and 3# of potatoes for only $.99 when you buy something else there. Wowsers! Thanks, Rachel!

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