Cheap gift certificates

Ever heard of You can buy gift certificates there for half or a third of the cost. I have friends who’ve done it and it definitely works.

You can buy a $25 gift certificate for $10! You just type in your zip code and the mile radius you want it and it gives you a list of participating restaurants. Anyone used this before? What did you think?


  1. Yes – I’ve used a gift certificate before, and they’re great. I see two disadvantages, though. First, there are fairly limited choices on which restaurants you can choose, at least in my metro area. Second, most of the certificates state that your total purchase at the restaurant must be $35 or more. So, you still save $15, but you have to spend $20 out of pocket ($10 for the certificate, and $10 more to make it up to a $35 purchase). Hope that helps!

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