Cheap, Easy, Frugal Recipe: Packet Chicken

Don’t you hate this sight in your fridge? All the packets of condiments that you were given at the fast food place and just couldn’t throw out because that would be wasteful. If you’re anything like me you keep them and keep them until you finally give in and pitch them because they’re too old. That was until my friend suggested “Packet Chicken”. It’s a great recipe using quite simply all those packets and chicken. That’s it. Here’s how I did it:

Gathered all the packets, chicken and my trusty crockpot. When I say all the packets I threw in mustard, mayo, soy sauce, ketcup and Chinese mustard. I didn’t brave the garlic sauce!I added some beans and cooked the chicken on low for several hours. Once I pulled it out and tried it it was yum! A very easy cheap way to use up those packets. if you used chicken that was around $1.50#, added in some beans and potatoes you’d have a cheap meal for 4 for under $5. Thanks for the tip, April!

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