Cheap Dates

So, you’re on a budget but you don’t want to just watch TV on Valentine’s Day? Here’s 6 fun things to do on a budget:

1) Pizza and a movie. Make pizzas together using this great recipe and then grab a rental from Redbox for a buck! I highly recommend renting Fireproof. Read the review here.

2) Dinner date. Go out to dinner using a gift certificate from Right now they have their gift certificates at 60% off!!!! That means $25 gift certs are a mere $4!!! Use the word TREAT thru 2/15/09. You can read more about the program here.

3) Memory Lane. Pull out some old pictures from a vacation and make a meal based on where you went. After dinner browse through the piccies and relive the vacation.

4) Picnic. Turn on the fireplace, light some candles and pull out a blanket. Grab some tasty picnic food and have an indoors picnic.

5) Coffee and chat. I have a friend who’s hubby (boyfriend at the time) took her out for coffee and had pre-written some questions that they discussed. It sounds a little cheesy but when you’ve been married for a while it can be fun to ask crazy questions. Here’s my list of 20 questions you can use!!

6) Fondue. DH and I love fonduing together, especially the cheese one. You can grab a block of it already made from Meijer, Dominics, Jewel or Trader Joe’s. We love dipping bread, tomatoes and potatoes in the pot.

Here’s some cheap gifts:
1) Text him/her a message to let him know you care. You could even send one for each year you’ve been together.
2) Cards are a simple meaningful way to say you care that doesn’t have to cost a lot.
3) Make an I Owe You book full of free things you’re going to do that he can cash in on when he wants. Like wash the car, make him breakfast in bed or of course naughty ones count too! ;>)
4) Bake some cookies, chocolate chip pancakes or other goodies he loves.

May I just say that I’m a HUGE advocate for date nights. Even with kids, your marriage needs a little TLC that only time alone can do!



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