Cheap Cruises

I love to travel and I love a bargain. That’s probably why Tim and I have never taken a cruise. I just couldn’t stand the thought of paying $5000 for a vacation. When I need a holiday I like to go and relax, preferably in the sun and preferably on the beach which is why I like the idea of a cruise but not the cost.

Then I found I just typed in what I wanted and for how long and came up with a 4 day cruise leaving from Miami in February for only $169!!!! Ok so I’d have to get the tickets to Miami but that’s a lot cheaper than $5000 and your food is all included.

The website was super easy to use and I had an idea of where I’d like to go in 2 minutes…seriously!! It says you can save up to 75%!! Knowing me and buffets though I’d come back 10LBS heavier. Is it the frugal in me that wants to consume all everyone can eat at the all you can eat??!!! HAHA!

Seriously if you’d like a last minute cruise and are flexible on your days I highly recommend this place Anyone else ever been on one?


  1. We love cruising. It’s like my own personal heaven – all you can eat, someone making my bed twice a day, and BINGO!

  2. For our honeymoon we did the western caribbean!! SOOOO much fun!!! I would recommend Cruise Value Center. We used them and they got us a great deal with free upgrades…yada, yada;)

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