Cheap Cheap Perdue Turkey at Ultra

I didn’t get to the grocery deals this week but Cyndi emailed to remind me of this corking deal:
Right now thru Wed. Ultra has Perdue ground turkey for 98 cents a pound. It’s limit 3 additional $1.28. I was so excited to see this since this is the only time after Stracks had it on sale that it’s been this cheap!! I believe the ratio is 85/15 percent fat. I stocked up also the sell by date is 7/6/09. Thanks, Cyndi!


  1. Anonymous says:

    How long can it last in the freezer???

  2. Great deal yes! But they won't take any printed coupons from smartsource or directly from manufactures websites, they accused me of trying to pass counterfeit coupons. Anyone else have this problems?

  3. They seem inconsistent at my Ultra. I've had that experience too. The cashier told me that it needed to have a UPC code. I wrote to Smart Source about it and they said to just ask for a manager.

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