Cheap Calls Oversees: Pennytalk

Got relatives oversees? Then you’re gonna want to know about Pennytalk. You can call anywhere uin the US and Canada for as low as $.01/ minute and anywhere in the world for as low as $.02/minute. As my family is still all in England and I often chat with my Mum, Pennytalk has become a huge moneysaver.

We signed up to get an account last year and all they need is your name, phonme number and a credit card. Then you tell them how much you want on the account (anywhere from $10) and they load it in so you can make calls.

It works like a calling card except it’s a little easier: Whenever we call from a pre-prorammed phone like our home phone or cell phones, they automatically know our account and then we can just dial the number straight away.

One thing we’ve noticed is there’s a HUGE difference in price between cell phone and home phone so we try and call my parent’s landline more often than not.

There’s a low connection fee of $.49 per call and you can get more info at or by calling 1-888-311-8353

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