Chase’s Rock and Roll Birthday Party

Ideal 2 Year Old Birthday Party

Chase just turned two and we threw him a Rock and Roll Birthday Party. He’s always singing in the car and dancing to music at home that we decided we would theme his 2 year old party around that as rock and roll parties are super fun. We do a birthday party each year for our kids but it’s always done at home, with me cooking a cheap meal and coming up with games so here’s how we did his Rock n Roll Birthday.

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Rock and Roll Ideas and Party Needs

  1. Microphones. Use what you have or grab some from a dollar store.
  2. Wigs, boas, dress up items
  3. Play tattoos
  4. Nail polish
  5. Star cookies and decorations
  6. Paper plates and dried beans.

Rock and Roll Party Activities

Musical Instruments

  1. Every Rock and Roll birthday Party needs music and what better way than a craft?! When the kids first arrived we made musical instruments for later. Simply use paper plates and staple the bottom.
  2. Add dried beans into the middle and staple the rest shut for a shaker.
  3. While we were stapling some, other kids were coloring and I had a helper so it went smoothly.

Just Dance/Dance-Off

No Rock n roll party would be complete without a dance-off. As we have Wii Dance Kids we had them dance to that. We had a bag of props including wigs, boas, hats and more that they could grab. I also picked up two plastic microphones from the dollar store to use.

Dressing Room

While a couple of the kids were starting to “compete” the rest were told they had to get ready to go on stage. I clearly have boys as I had to turn a tool bench into a makeup table! We strung lights on it and grabbed a couple of mirrors.
I had a friend painting the girls nails while I applied tattoos for the boys.

Paint a Star.

In Hollywood the stars get to do the Walk of Fame and have a star after them and at this party the little celebrities got to decorate a star.
I made star shaped sugar cookies and put out icing writers for each child to decorate their own star and write their name on like a celebrity.

Birthday Party Food For Kids

We always serve food at birthday parties but it’s super simple and for the Rock and Roll Birthday Party we wanted something quick. My favorite has been Pizza Burgers and Chips. My Mother in Law brings a salad and we’re all set. Pizza burgers are hamburger buns that you top with pizza sauce and meat and place in the oven with a piece of American cheese at 325 for about 10 minutes until browned. Yum!
I usually cut up some fruit and veggies on the side.

Rock and Roll Birthday Cake

  • To me the ultimate cupcake is a Red Velvet Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting and that’s exactly what I served. We wanted to do a Guitar Birthday Cake for our little rock-star which was easy.
  • Make a regular cake (I used a funfetti cake mix) and pour the batter into an oval cake pan and a bread pan.
  • Cook and cool in the freezer for at least a few hours or overnight.
  • Take the pieces out of the freezer and cut the long rectangle in to a guitar arm. We used black jelly beans in the side folk the tuners.
  • The main piece of the guitar was made from the oval pan and frosted with white frosting.
  • After both pieces were assembled on a tray together we drew guitar strings with a black icing writer.

Rock and Roll Cupcakes

I made the cupcakes and frosted them and searched online for some cheap (like 10 cents each) guitar picks for the toppers. Although they were cheap, they were all white and in my head I wanted silver ones so I simply spray painted them.

Rock and Roll Party Decorations

The main colors were black, white and silver.
We attached fishing line to CDs and taped them to the ceiling all over the basement and around the upstairs. It was really simple, cheap and yet very effective.
Christmas Lights were put up around a bookshelf and the tool bench to give that extra “celebrity effect”

Rock N Roll Birthday Chair

Every little rocker needs a special chair and so I just wrote Chase B on the paper and stuck it to the chair he ate his dinner at!

Other Notes

We dressed up! My hubby decided he was going as Eddie Vedder, I had a Poodle Skirt I got out again, Chase donned a Beatles shirt and Isaac had a London shirt on and a mohawk!

Although we had intended to play Musical Chairs or Musical Freeze we simply ran out of time and the kids were having so much fun dancing.

We marked our bathroom, “dressing Room” and on the way down to the basement and party I had a big sign marked Stage. These Rock & Roll Birthdays sure are fun!

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