Charity Challenge: Paying It Forward On A Budget

Yuppers, it’s that time of the week again! The one where I issue the super-exciting Charity Challenge. Every Tuesday morning I’ll issue a challenge for the week. Your mission if you choose to accept is simply to go do it!

Last week I challenged everyone to buy a box of pasta and donate it to a food pantry in their neighborhood or drop it off at Kolas Bookstore, Highland.

Who did it? I hope you joined me to help out those in dire need.

Now for this week’s challenge:

Although the need seems HUGE and the challenge daunting, we CAN help. Don’t be frightened by the huge numbers, we’re gonna take it slow and pay it forward.

Ready? This is gonna be:
* simple
* convenient
* and of course……

Second Challenge: Diapers

Mums: If you’re anything like me your child outgrows diapers right after you’ve opened a new pack! How does that happen??!! Instead of giving them away to friends or making your child wear a wrong size (hey, we’ve all done it!!) I’m proposing we give up those half empty packs and donate them to a food pantry. When i visited Children’s Hunger Fund recently they told me that diapers were one of the most requested items out there so let’s help!

Don’t have kids? No problem! Consider either buying and donating a pack anyway OR signing up for these two free samples and donating those! Sure, it’s not much but if thousands of us signed up for them it’d really help!

** Sam’s Club members can grab a FREE sample Huggies Supreme Baby Wipes when you fill out the form.

** Target just released a FREE sample of GoodNites on their website that you can grab for a boy or girl.

Grab the free samples, your half packs of diapers and donate! If you live outside Northwest Indiana/Chicagoland, please donate to your nearest food pantry. The one that supports your community. If you live around NWI Kolas Christian Bookstore in Highland, IN is acting as a drop-off point for us. We’re hoping to get more drop-offs for the future but this is our first. There will be a tote in there and when it’s full we’ll co0rdinate with Love Inc who works with local people in dire need and drop it off.

Sound awesome? I think so! In fact the 5 of us who’ve planned this think so and we’re supppppppper excited to give back.

Head on over to our Facebook event page and let us know how you did. We’d be really encouraged by stories or ideas.

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