Charity Challenge: Paying It Forward On A Budget

It’s time for our weekly Charity Challenge. Every Tuesday morning (yuppers it’s weds: I was sick yesterday and still rough today)I’ll issue a challenge for the week. Your mission if you choose to accept is simply to go do it!

Although the need seems HUGE and the challenge daunting, we CAN help. Don’t be frightened by the huge numbers, we’re gonna take it slow and pay it forward.

Ready? This is gonna be:
* simple
* convenient
* and of course……

Fifth Challenge: Puzzles and Legos

This week I’m working with my friend Kara on a drive she’s doing for a place in Schererville Indiana called Campagna Academy Charter school and Behavioral Center for disadvantaged children. These children really need some TLC and hope and through Kara and others like her we want to reach out and help them. This summer they’re doing a camp and she needs stuff for it. Although she’s already got most things they need two super easy (and cheap) items that I need asap!


These can be gently used or new. Isaac and I grabbed one from the Dollar Store a couple of days ago ready to donate and I’m asking you to look at your stash and grab something to help the kids out. They’re also having a spa day and I wanna let you know that Proctor & Gamble sent something for it including deodorants and facial scrubs. Thanks guys!

Last week I challenged everyone to donate to Stamp Out Hunger through the post office and I’d love to hear stories!

Who did it? I hope you joined me to help out those in dire need.

If you live outside Northwest Indiana/Chicagoland, please donate to your nearest food pantry. I know they can use toys like this. The food pantry that supports your community. If you live around NWI Kolas Christian Bookstore in Highland, IN is acting as a drop-off point for us. We’re hoping to get more drop-offs for the future but this is our first. There will be a tote in there and when it’s full we’ll co0rdinate with Love Inc who works with local people in dire need and drop it off. I need these as soon as possible so please run there!

Sound awesome? I think so! In fact the 5 of us who’ve planned this think so and we’re supppppppper excited to give back.

Head on over to our Facebook event page and let us know how you did. We’d be really encouraged by stories or ideas

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