Charity Challenge: Paying It Forward On A Budget

It’s time for our weekly Charity Challenge. Every Tuesday morning (yuppers it’s Weds!)I’ll issue a challenge for the week. Your mission if you choose to accept is simply to go do it!

Although the need seems HUGE and the challenge daunting, we CAN help. Don’t be frightened by the huge numbers, we’re gonna take it slow and pay it forward.

Ready? This is gonna be:
* simple
* convenient
* and of course……

Seventh Challenge: Shampoo

We’re wanting to fill local food pantries with all kinds of goodies. It’s heart wrenching to think that people who 5 years ago would never have needed support find themselves in line for bread.

This week it’s simple: Please donate a bottle of shampoo. If you’re like me you can simply grab one from the stockpile. if not, please purchase one to donate. If you’re in NWI or South Chicagoland, you can drop it off at one of these spots.

Last week I challenged everyone to donate bbq sauce and I’d love to hear stories!

Who did it? I hope you joined me to help out those in dire need. I found it for FREE at Ultra and bought a bunch!

If you live outside Northwest Indiana/Chicagoland, please donate to your nearest food pantry. I know they can use this. The food pantry that supports your community.

Sound awesome? I think so! In fact the 5 of us who’ve planned this think so and we’re supppppppper excited to give back.

Head on over to our Facebook event page and let us know how you did. We’d be really encouraged by stories or ideas

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