Charity Challenge: No Coupons Needed + Teaching Toddlers To Give

Sorry guys, the piccie won’t turn!

It’s time for our weekly Charity Challenge. Every Tuesday I’ll issue a challenge for the week. Your mission if you choose to accept is simply to go do it!

Although the need seems HUGE and the challenge daunting, we CAN help. Don’t be frightened by the huge numbers, we’re gonna take it slow and pay it forward.

Ready? This is gonna be:
* simple
* convenient
* and of course……

Eleventh Challenge: Baby Hats

This weekend I was out garage saling and saw these adorable baby hats for 5 cents each. I immediately thought of the challenge and orphaned kids that don’t have clothes and I scooped up 10. I explained to Isaac that they were for kids who didn’t have clothes (he wanted to buy them for his “Baby Chasey”). I then asked him to get some of his garage saling money out to pay for them. He knew it was going to take “2 big coins” as he likes to call quarters but he did it gladly and it was a fun lesson. Sorry but I don’t always have time to sit down and go through books, graphs and plans on how to give with my toddler. Most of the time we’re like I’m sure most other parents are: doing it on “the fly”. But when we challenge them like this we’re teaching them how to be responsible adults.

I remember hearing somebody talk about parenting. She was talking to a lady who was moaning, “My child never picks up! She never takes out the trash! She just complains when I ask her!”
My friend responded, “How old is she?”
“12” came the reply.
“And when did you start asking?”
“This year” was the sad but true response.

Hey, I’m not an expert by any means but it stands to reason that if we ask them when they’re 12 we won’t get as good a response as if we lead by example when they’re toddlers.

We’re wanting to fill local food pantries with all kinds of goodies. It’s heart wrenching to think that people who 5 years ago would never have needed support find themselves in line for bread.

This week it’s simple: Please donate some baby hats. Gently used, new or sewn. If you’re in NWI or South Chicagoland, you can drop it off at one of these spots.

Also: The drive for some sheets/towels/blankets or items like that is still on. Either gently used or new. The people at Love Inc. we were told that they often have people who don’t even have a bed to sleep on. They not only want to give them a bed but the sheets too. It’s just a part of restoring dignity. I never thought of that but am sure glad they did! That’s why this week I’m encouraging you to grab blankets or sheets to donate. There are people in our community with desperate need to so please check your house!

If you live outside Northwest Indiana/Chicagoland, please donate to your nearest food pantry. I know they can use this. The food pantry that supports your community.

Sound awesome? I think so! In fact the 5 of us who’ve planned this think so and we’re supppppppper excited to give back.

Head on over to our Facebook event page and let us know how you did. We’d be really encouraged by stories or ideas.

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