Charity Challenge: Drive For Stamp Out Hunger 5/14/11

This week I’m running late for our weekly Charity Challenge but it’s a goodie and super easy. Each week I’ll issue a challenge for the week. Your mission if you choose to accept is simply to go do it!

This week I want to ask you to dig around in your stockpile for Stamp Out Hunger. Each yer the post office does a national food drive and tomorrow is the day.


  1. Bag non-perishable good items
  2. Leave them at the mailbox and they’ll deliver it to local food banks!!

Last week I challenged everyone to donate the tornado victims in the south and we packed 2 cars full!

Who did it? I hope you joined me to help out those in dire need.

Although the need seems HUGE and the challenge daunting, we CAN help. Don’t be frightened by the huge numbers, we’re gonna take it slow and pay it forward.

Sound awesome? I think so! In fact the 5 of us who’ve planned this think so and we’re supppppppper excited to give back.

Head on over to our Facebook event page and let us know how you did. We’d be really encouraged by stories or ideas.

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