Cellfire Special: Grab A Money Off Coupon Today Only!

Cellfire is having a promotion today only Friday 3/4 and all you have to do is LOG IN to grab a coupon.

For the first time, this promotion will support Tom Thumb, Randall’s, Pavilions, Genuardi’s, and Carrs IN ADDITION to Kroger and its subsidiaries.

This is the first promotion that is supported on our mobile applications for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry! Just open up the app and refresh to show the special coupon.

When you log in, they just have to look for the promotion coupon among the regular coupons and clip it to save to their card.


* Promotion is Friday, March 4, from 3AM PST (6AM EST) to 6PM PST (9PM EST).
* Users must have a Cellfire account have a supported loyalty card registered with their account.
* Every eligible user that logs in during this time will get a special coupon for either $.50 or $3.
* The special coupon will be among the regular Cellfire coupons and must be clipped.
* Mobile app users must refresh their coupons in order to reveal the special coupon.
o iPhone: Pull down to refresh
o Android and Blackberry: Hit menu button, select refresh option
* In cases with multiple loyalty cards, the special coupon will be saved to the card that has been modified most recently.

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