Celebrate #MilestoneMoments and Win Over $70 For Baby

Celebrate #MilestoneMoments and Win Over $70 For Baby


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh #MilestoneMoments! Ya know the kind.  The ones that we all search in the parenting books for just to make sure our child is on track and breathe a sigh of relief when they do something when they’re supposed to.  We get giddy about these moments and sit there poised with camera in hand declaring all along, “I’ll never forget this moment” and then forget it when your child does something else super cute or hits another milestone.

Parenting is funny like that. Our cameras are filled with images of our kids doing adorable things only to never be printed out.  If that’s you one thing I’d highly recommend is a small notebook.  No, not an elaborate baby book just a simple book that you can write in.  Each time your child hits a #MilestoneMoment, write it down. When my kids were babies every few weeks I’d write something down about the things they were eating and toys they loved.

Chase’s was: Chase Loves….Isaac, Teething feeder, Bumbo and Swing for a loooooooooooooooong time and it helped me remember when he did what so i can look back.  As they began to talk we recorded some of their funny sayings in there too and I intend to keep going until they’re older.

P&G and Babies”R”Us understand those milestones too and are teaming up to celebrate milestones with Noelle Pikus Pace, U.S. Olympic Skeleton Athlete. For Noelle, “Raising a family is like training for the Olympic Winter Games.” 

I’ll never be a professional athlete (and maybe not even an athlete period) but to here her say that is good news for Moms everywhere!

P&G and Babies”R”Us know that when it comes to raising kids, every finish line is a new start. You can check out Noelle’s story on the Babies “R” Us website.

Celebrate #MilestoneMoments and Win Over $70 For Baby 2

Chase wearing the outfit Grandma made for his Daddy and then Isaac wore and then Chase!

Celebrate #MilestoneMoments and Win Over $70 For Baby 3

That teething feeder is AWESOME and was a HUGE hit with both my kids meaning I could give them fresh fruits and veggies and not worry about choking.

Celebrate #MilestoneMoments and Win Over $70 For Baby 4 Babies”R”Us Offers

1) From Friday 1/17 through Monday 1/20, receive $15 off when you buy 2 value boxes of Pampers diapers (78ct. or higher) in store only.

2) FREE Pampers wipes (168-192ct, $7.39 value) when you buy any two select P&G items from 1/31/14 – 2/22/14
Choose two from the following:
– Pampers mega packs of diapers & Easy-Ups training pants (28-78ct, reg $18.99)
– Bounty 12ct paper towels (reg $19.99)
– Charmin 30ct toilet tissue (reg $19.99)
– Dreft laundry detergent (50oz or higher, reg $14.99 – $25.99)
– Tide laundry detergent (100oz or higher, reg $18.99 – $24.99)
– Duracell AA24pk batteries (reg $15.99)

What you going to win?

#MilestoneMoments Prize Pack
We have created a special prize pack that includes:
· Babies”R”Us/Toys”R”Us Coupon: Save $50 on your total purchase of P&G participating brands of $50 or more. The coupon expires 2/9/14 so you’ll need to hurry!
· C.R. Gibson Precious Prints Frame
· C.R. Gibson Wonder First Year Calendar
· Pampers Sensitive Wipes (56ct)
· Duracell AA Batteries (4 pack)
· Bounty Regular Roll
· Dreft Sample

Twitter Party

There will be a #MilestoneMoments Twitter Party on Thursday, January 16th at 1pm ET. Participate and enter to win more prizes!

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  1. We are expecting our first this March! It will be a big milestone for us 🙂

  2. Cynthia R says:

    my favorite milestone was hearing her first say mama.

  3. Lilyana Cruz says:

    i like pampers since my first baby. laugh

  4. Lilyana Cruz says:

    The first favorite moment was his first smile! ♥ and 1st laugh

  5. Walking

  6. Jenni Henni says:

    I think my favorite milestone was when my kids could hold their own bottles!!

  7. Amy Soltis says:

    Favorite milestone-sleeping through the night!

  8. Kelly Price says:

    Oh my, Chase looks just like your hubby in that first pic. Love. My favorite milestone is the “cooing” stage. Miss that about littles.

  9. Paula Gardner says:

    First kiss

  10. Darlene Sullins says:

    My favorite milestone are the giggles where they laugh so much they topple over like little drunk people! 😀

    • BWAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Darlene that cracked me up, I had to re-read! I thought you said when they topple over drunk people!

  11. My favorite milestone is talking.

  12. crystal petersen says:

    The first time he rolled over!!

  13. Tari Lawson says:

    I like baby’s first smile.

  14. Margaret Smith says:

    My sons first steps.

  15. Cynthia C says:

    I love when my children learned first words.

  16. Katharine Davis says:

    My favorite milestone was when they started talking

  17. bryan clark says:

    joining the voluteer fire dept

  18. Christine says:

    first word

  19. Stefanie k says:

    My favorite milestone is when they start talking.

  20. Jenny Sims says:

    My baby girl just started laughing!

  21. First steps.

  22. Katherine says:

    When they smile or laugh

  23. One of my favorite milestones was my daughter learning to walk.

  24. Amelia Drew says:

    My favorite milestone is the first smile and first laugh- so sweet!

  25. Favorite milestone – when my little sweet pea started laughing!

  26. melinda fritz says:

    when she walked

  27. Suzanne R says:

    First steps

  28. Cassandra Eastman says:

    Nothing is better than hearing your baby laugh for the first time!

  29. Walking 🙂

  30. Hollie Jahnke says:

    First steps

  31. My favorite milestone will be when my daughter is finally, completely, out of diapers (including overnight).

  32. Monique Rizzo says:

    My favorite milestone was my daughters first steps.
    Thanks for the chance.

  33. My granddaughter ( sons daughter) was born addicted. My favorite milestone, after she spent 5 grueling wks in the nicu detoxing, was her first smile, right on track at 6 wks!!

  34. love the first real belly laugh

  35. Oh for me it was the first smile!!!!!!!!!!!! So precious!

  36. Susan Smith says:

    When my kids started walking.

  37. I love the first laugh

  38. favorite milestone …. walking!

  39. My favorite was being potty trained.

  40. tina reynolds says:

    first words so darn sweet

  41. Crawling for the first time!

  42. My favorite milestone so far has been my son’s kisses!

  43. Terry Beck says:

    My milestone came on June 17,2013 when I was witness literally to my grandson’s birth! I was front and center of it all and I was so blessed to so this beautiful baby boy entrance into this world and I bawled when she was pushing him out but at the same time I was strong for my daughter and letting her know she was doing a great job and one more BIG PUSH he would be in her arms!

  44. Rebecca Lock says:

    the first smile

  45. The first steps was my favorite milestone

  46. I’m carrying my first, so listening to the heartbeat has been the biggest milestone so far!

  47. Walking

  48. Vikki Billings says:

    My favorite mile stone is walking!

  49. Laurie Emerson says:

    The first tooth.

  50. Tanya White says:

    The first smile is my favorite milestone.

  51. Being born as he’s only three months old!

  52. Julie Myles says:

    First tooth

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