Cash Back Sites: Helping You Save Money This Holiday Season

I’ve always been a B&M (bricks and mortar) kinda gal. As I really enjoy shopping, going to a store is actually fun for me as apposed to a chore. I’ve ordered things on and off through Amazon but have never checked out another online store until last Black Friday.

You see for those non-Black Friday people who hate the lines and the pushing; I agree! Unless I’m going for a tv (doubtful!) I refuse to stand in line and shove for an item I want to save money. I’m just too much of a lady (insert chuckles) but last year we wanted a Wii. I did my research and found they had it at Meijer for $199 with a $50 catalina back that would expire in 2 weeks. Then I looked and found that if I bought it online I’d get a $50 gift card back with no expiration date.

If you’ve never checked out cash back sites and do shop online, I’d recommend it. They act as a mall door if you will to online shopping but unlike the mall who only offers you warmth on a cold day, they offer you the ability to not only shop in pajamas but earn money while doing it. Instead of the commissions going back to them it goes to you. How cool is that?

With my above purchase from Meijer, by going through such a site, I got 5% back on my purchase. I paid $199 upfront for the Wii, got close to $6 in cash back and then the $50 gift card. I paid $143.99 overall. and Ebates are my two favorite cash back sites. When you sign up: HERE and Ebates HERE they’ll credit your account $5. As you only need $20 to “cash out” you’re on your way. This holiday season when shopping online make sure to check out the cash back sites before doing anything else.

Each time I want to make a purchase I go to the two sites and compare them. Usually one will be giving more cash back than the other so that’s the one I pick. The other great thing is they will tell you if there’s any current coupons out there that you can use to maximize your shopping experience so not only do you get cash back but you may get a code for 20% off your entire purchase.

The busier we get, the more that online shopping is becoming something to fall in love with. Sure I still enjoy wandering the stores or going to Target in person but I’m starting to love online coupons and cash back on purchases as well!

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