Cartoon Saturdays and Moneymaking Opportunities

Sitting on the couch watching cartoons this Saturday? Me too so I thought I’d give you a few ways to make money online.  Fortunately for you I’ve sifted through the junk online to bring you some legit ways for you to make a little cash. None of them are gonna make you rich overnight but they do earn you a few bucks which is great pocket money for purses, shoes etc!! Have a FAB weekend, ya’ll!
My fave survey site is Opinion Outpost and You take surveys for them that aren’t really hard and once you reach $5 you can cash out. Now it’s only $5 which trust me is eaaaaaaaaaasy to do. It seems a lot easier than some of the other survey sites. You can check it out here. The best thing about them is you don’t have to give tons of personal info and I’d definitely recommend it. While I haven’t made a ton through them I’ve heard from some of you that you’ve made a few dollars a week on it which ain’t half bad.

I know I pump this one up a lot but with good reason: It’s incredibly easy to do as you’re not doing anything different. If you search the internet with SwagBucks instead of the other search engines, you can collect points that add up to gift cards. Honestly it doesn’t take a lot and now instead of just getting gift cards they’ll give you cold hard cash into your PayPal account!

Seriously, if you’ve heard me talk about them but haven’t signed up, do! I just made another $5 Amazon gift card last week.

Someone asked if you can stack and the answer is YES! What I’ve been doing is saving til I get to $25 then finding items with FREE SuperSaver shipping and use 5 cards to get the product we need for close to free!!

There are lots of ways to earn online or get rewards but if you googled you’d get lost in the “are they real or not” pool of rewards sites. So, when I hear of one that really seems to work and hear others have positive experiences through it, I wanna pass the word along. One such site is You can earn rewards for shopping (yeehah), reading emails of even playing games.
I blogged about them a few weeks ago but just wanted to remind ya’ll how great they are and that it’s a legit way to scoop up cash. It costs nothing to join so check it out. Lovely jubbly!
I’m not getting rich at it, but it’ll buy me that Peppermint Mocha I’m always hankering after!

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