Caregivers Marketplace – Money Back for Stuff You Need

Have you ever heard of the Caregivers Marketplace? A comment just reminded me that for those of you who are new around here I should probably explain!!

According to their website: Caring for a loved one isn’t easy, but with Caregivers Marketplace, saving on the things they need is.

Basically you check to see if products you are using to care for someone are eligible here. At first I thought this was more for the elderly and didn’t apply to me but then I spotted diapers! No, not Depends but actual baby diapers. When we did the insane Huggies deals at Walgreens a few months ago it got even better because I then submitted my receipts to them and got $.75 back per pack of diapers.

All you have to do is submit a minimum of 5 receipts and then your cash back check will arrive in the mail within 4-6 weeks. It’s that simple. Here’s the site. It says it’s for anyone and they just want to help you meet the cost of things that your insurance or medicaid don’t cover.

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