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About Car & Driver Magazine

Edited for the domestic and imported car enthusiast, Car & Driver magazine covers everything and anything surrounding the world of automobiles. Every issue of this monthly publication is a compilation of product reviews, action-packed photos and essential articles that keep you up-to-date on industry news and developments. With Car and Driver, you don’t have to travel across the globe to preview the latest European cars.

Our seasoned editors bring you up-close and personal to the best automotive conventions and shows. With trustworthy and thorough evaluations of the latest in car models and accessories, Car and Driver helps you to become a smarter consumer. Monthly reviews include the “highs and lows,” or the positive and negative aspects of a particular product. Top engineers team up with journalists to provide in-depth automobile analyses based on road tests conducted and tested by cutting-edge electronic equipment. With expansive features on the newest concept vehicles and performance tests and reviews of the driver experience, Car and Driver is a publication that is dedicated to keeping you in touch with everything that gets your engine going.

Geared toward both the experienced and novice driver, each edition of the magazine is packed with comparison tests and previews of up-and-coming models that haven’t yet hit the markets. Want to find out where you can drive 200 miles per hour? Car and Driver is quite simply the best resource there is when it comes to these types of questions. The magazine arms you with all of the industry-related information you need such as details on the latest auto shows, sports and car conventions, championship car events.

Each year has 12 issues and you can buy up to a 3-year subscription!

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