Can I Freeze………….

There are a couple of things you shouldn’t freeze accoding to the University of Illinois Extension service. These are listed below. A couple of things I’ve tried in vain are cream soups and potatoes. Although sweet potatoes freeze great (see here), regular ones are nasty after a visit with Jack Frost!

Food Result of Freezing
Cheese in blocks Crumbles
Cooked egg white Crumbles
Cottage cheese Separates; becomes mushy
Cream pies Watery custard; soggy crust
Custards Watery
Eggs Cooked eggs become rubbery; raw yolks and whites become gummy
Gravy Fat separates; whisk when reheating
Green onions, tomatoes Watery, limp; OK for cooking
Lettuce Watery, limp
Mayonnaise, milk, milk sauces, sour cream, yogurt
Some separation
Potatoes, raw Texture changes; may darken
Radishes Poor texture; pithy


  1. I made my way over from $5 Dinners. Interesting information, thanks for sharing!

  2. Terra Jones says:

    a frozen block of cheese can also result in a broken toe…

    my husband saw nothing wrong w/ freezing blocks of cheese, despite my warnings – until one fell on his toe…


  3. Alex Hall says:

    I stumbled over here from $5 Dinners. Great site! I just have a few comments about things that you can/cannot freeze.

    I know people that freeze milk all the time and have no problem. It separates, but if you shake it up when it’s done defrosting, it’s just like fresh. Also, you can definitely freeze yogurt and blocks of cheese without a problem (except maybe a broken toe like pp said). I have some cheese in the freezer right now, and always buy extra blocks when they’re on sale so that I can freeze them. As far as eggs go, egg beaters, and the like can be frozen just fine, and I’ve heard of people freezing raw eggs without issues. This isn’t something I’ve tried myself, though.

    Hope that helps a little.

  4. I have frozen gravy and it was absolutely fine. All you have do to is stir it, thinning it out with a couple teaspoons water if it needs it. No big deal.

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