Cabin Fever Cure: Nerf Gun Game

Hello Mummy Deals friends!  It’s Kristen from Busy Kids = Happy Mom.  I have a fun, frugal activity to share with you all today!  Have the Christmas presents lost their luster?  Are the kids trapped inside on cold, winter days?  This is for you!

Supplies Needed:  Nerf gun (or something similar), plastic disposable cups
Skills Needed:  None!  There are tons of variations!  Trust me, this still gives my kids plenty of fun.

#1  Set-up your cup tower.
#2  Ready, Aim, Fire!
#3 Hit Your Target! POW!
#4 Now try some other options –
stack them tall.
#5 Stack in a circle.
#6 Do it all over again!
#7 Ka-POW!  There’s just something
about a big explosion
that brings great satisfaction!

Please join Kristen over at Busy Kids = Happy Mom for more unplugged activities!  Kristen lives in Virginia with her husband and two boys.  She also works part-time as a reading specialist. 

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