Cabela’s Birthday Party

Birthday parties can get expensive and one of my readers had a great idea on how to have a Cabela’s Birthday Party on a Budget.

How to have a Cabela’s Birthday Party on a Budget.

They started at her home and had frozen (good quality) pizzas and snacks followed by gifts then cake and ice cream and then took a group of 7 year old boys to the shooting range and to look around at Cabela’s. They received a lot of free tokens upon entry. Then when they came back to get picked up they received a goody bag she made and went on their happy way.

Another alternative is you could just have pizza or hot dogs at the party giver’s house and then since Cabela’s lets you bring cake, rent the room out for cake and take advantage of that package deal with the goody bags and more for a Cabela’s Birthday Party.

What a fun idea! Have you got a Budget Birthday party idea? Send me a note!

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