Buying Coupons on eBay

A new friend of mine just told me that she loves buying coupons on eBay. As I’ve personally never tried it I thought I’d let her explain a little. First of all, I want to point out that coupons usually say “not for sale.” This always worried me but I’ve seen on eBay that people state that you’re not paying for the coupon but the person to clip it so I’m now under the belief (compounded by the integral folks over at Hot Coupon World) that it’s legit.
I also wanna point out that I’ve heard people getting ripped off during these sales so please be careful! Anyway, enough of me:

I buy coupons on eBay and have been doing for a while. The only thing is to make sure that you give yourself enough time for the bidding to end and for the seller to ship them to your house to use them on whatever deal is going on. If you do it right you get some great deals. I personally have used this system several times and will continue doing so.

Depending on what the coupons are for you can buy 20 coupons for .99 cents with free shipping! Compare that to actually buying 20 papers, its hands down a better deal!

The other thing I do is whenever you post a good deal on Mummy Deals I just see if there any way to make a sale better. For example when you had the Huggies deal, I typed in Huggies coupons to eBay search and some came up for $5 off!!!! Now add those with your Huggies sale you posted and it was a GREAT deal!

Thanks, Marianna for your help!!! Anyone else got any eBay coupon tips?

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