Budget Boot Camp Week XI Wrap Up and Winners Announced

Last week’s Budget Boot Camp challenge by Beth here was generously sponsored by CVS and was all about Rolling Rewards. Here’s what Beth said,

One of the tricks many of us deal seekers and coupon pros use it rolling our rewards. What does that mean? Well, when we go into CVS to pick up shampoo and for our purchase, we get Extra Care Bucks, we use them wisely. Instead of going back in and splurging on that $50 hair straightener, we use it later to purchase something we need that will also produce Extra Care Bucks, helping us stick to our budget.

Here are some of my rolling ideas but enough on us, let’s see how the challengers did:


Mitzi at Goodson Family Journey

Mitzi loved this challenge and although she started off at the beginning of our 12 weeks as a newbie, this week she was the pro. Check this out:

I have been using reward programs for a while now & it all started when I was pregnant with Brayden & we registered at Babies R Us they were telling me about their rewards program so we signed up but I really thought that nothing would really come in the mail because nothing ever had in the past with all the little “thingys” I used on my key chain.

For how she did read THIS.

Laura was ready and armed when she headed out to CVS. She said,

This week, I made a trip to CVS. I was equipped with coupons and a CVS circular. I took advantage of 4 deals (make up and hair products) that I needed already, and though I had to spend around $45, I came back with $14 of CVS extra care bucks, which is more than I’ve ever gotten. My challenge today (after a trip to the bank and a quick return at Staples) is to stop by CVS with a strict plan to spend those ECBs to get more for a future purchase. Eventually, I won’t be paying anything out of pocket, and I can’t wait for that day to come!

Read more HERE


Alli at Alli-N-Son

Alli was concerned that she wouldn’t see results from rolling. She explained,

But with Roll Rewards, making a purchase that results in rewards that can be used for a future purchase, there’s no instant. There’s no gratification. Or so I thought.

Sunday night I scoured through the weekly Walgreens flyer. My coupon folder on one side, my iPhone with ZipList’s open on the other. An old episode of Pushing Daisies streaming through Netflix while I tried to find something that was sale and had Register Rewards (Walgreen’s Roll Rewards program). Also, it had to be something that I needed, otherwise I would just be spending money to get rewards, and that doesn’t really make sense. I did manage to find a few items for stocking up.

See how she did HERE.

Brandie at Rudy Family Rukus

Brandie’s family have been sick (feel better soon gal) but she still managed to try out the challenge and said,

Something I found very tricky when I first started but now I am a pro–haha! Actually my favorite place to get rolling rewards is Target. They have great sales that offer a $5 gift card when you buy certain items. This week Target had a few items on this deal that I needed. For example Downey was buy two get a $5 gift card.

Catch more on how she did here.

This week was generously sponsored by CVS who had a giveaway for an awesome gift basket for 4 people. The winners of the 4 CVS baskets as selected by random.org are:
Number 5: April
Number 44: The Lucky Ladybug
Number 24: Renee D
and @bobbandit

Congratulations! I’ve contacted each of you so please get back in touch with us soon to claim your prize.

So how did you do? Leave a comment and share!

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