Budget Boot Camp Challenge VII Wrap Up and Winner

Last week’s Budget Boot Camp challenge by Beth here was generously sponsored by Hit Entertainment. and was all about creating a grocery price book.

Why? The trick to truly saving money is purchasing items when they hit rock bottom prices and buying enough to get you through until the next rock bottom sale. Here are some facts:

  • The 12 Week Meat Sales Cycle
  • The Difference in Prices
  • Shopping Seasonal Sales
Laura at Better in Bulk

Laura found this a tough one but conquered it:

Just because I’m already sales conscious, I can tell you off the top of my head that November is the best time to buy canned vegetables. And December is the best time to buy baking items. I typically buy an extra ham in April to use after the Easter season. The middle of the summer is the best time to buy ribs. As tough as it was for me to start a Price Book system (and I’m sure it will go through plenty of revisions) I must admit I’m a little excited about being even more sales-savvy.

Here’s the rest of her post.

Brandie is starting to see the fruits of her labor:

On another note I am starting to see some real savings at the grocery store. Last week I shopped the sales and used my coupons. I am sure the people in line behind me enjoy this as well haha! Oh I also got $7 back in vouchers for my next shopping trip. That is my favorite part as well.

Go here to see how she did on the challenge and why she did the happy dance!

Alli at All-N-Son

Alli is really starting to see results in her budget by doing the challenge which is so encouraging. Here’s how this week went:

Now, I admitted last week that I have mixed feelings about stock piling. It always seems to push me over my budget. Or I feel like I’m taking money away from this we need that week, just for items that we’ll use in the future.

Yea, that makes sense. I can do that! And so my stock piling began this week, when Pick n Save had pork fillets on sale, buy one get one FREE! I’m a sucker for free. So, I snatched up two of them, even though they weren’t on our menu plan this week, and tossed them in the freezer for another week.

See how she did here.

Mitzi at Goodson Family Journey

Mitzi started off confused and ended up giddy about the challenge. Find out more here after reading this:

At first I was confused about why I was doing this & how to actually do it but after looking at the samples Beth provided for us I understood better what I was doing & the goal is to track prices so that when the prices do hit rock bottom I can stock up on those items for the savings………..this is an AWESOME concept!!

Finally, the winner of the 3 DVDS from Hit Entertainment. was Number 9- Thabel. Please contact me to claim your prize asap!

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