Budget Boot Camp Challenge V Wrap Up and Winners

Last week’s Budget Boot Camp challenge by Beth here was generously sponsored by McDonalds. and was all about organizing coupons. It seems like everyone took piccies so I thought I’d include them so you can see the various techniques.

The Challenge:
Now that you have your coupons, pick a way to organize them and start a system. Talk about the different organization systems you considered and show/describe the one you finally selected. How time consuming was it to first organize your coupons? Do you think it will get better now that you have a system in place? Pros/cons of the system you selected? Plus, discuss your experience.


Brandie at Rudy Family Rukus

Brandie was giddy last week to get going on this challenge as she already has a fab easy system. Yuppers, that photo above is it, super simple right? Here’s what she said:

This week I have photos of my organized coupons. Prepare yourself it isn’t anything amazing I promise. In fact it is so simple that you might consider joining me in my budget/coupon mission!

She’s got an easy simple system for organizing coupons that you should check out here.

Lolli at Better in Bulk

Lolli is getting the swing of couponing but still feels like she has a lot to learn although she was proactive this week and bought herself the snazzy binder above! Check out her post HERE for her 3 points to success. Sadly for some reason I can’t grab some of her text to summarize!

Alli at Alli-N-Son

Align CenterAlli was also on the ball and bought a new binder to store coupons. This made me laugh:

Last week I shared my favorite sources for coupons, but really I had no place good to keep them.

No, the bottom of my purse is not a good place. I guess.

Really what I had was this small blue pouch. My check books (which I never use), coupons, gift cards, rebate cards, pens, bank deposit slips, and other random pieces of paper call this pouch home. It was getting a little crowded. A little messy. And I’m pretty sure I lost an earring or two inside.

Find out what she did here and how on track her budget is!

Mitzi found this one really tough as she was starting from scratch but if that’s you too: read on as she ending up winning with the coupons and getting them organized. See:

As most of you know, having a walking 1 year old tends to take up the majority of my day so I am having to do as much as I can when he naps & after he is in bed & I had a few late nights getting everything researched & organized but last night I made a list of a few things that we were in need of & pulled the coupons & it only took about 15 minutes so there is hope for me yet……….

For more encouragement, check out her whole post here. She’s not been feeling well the past couple of weeks but has caught up on the challenges and you can see those there also.


Finally the McDonalds giveaway was for 3 winners and random.org picked:
Numer 4- Sarah
Number 48 – Rebecca
Number 33- Thabal

We’ve emailed you but please get back to us within a week to claim or unfortunately we’ll have to pick another number.

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