Budget Boot Camp: Challenge IV Wrap Up and Winner

Week IV of our 90-Day Budget Boot Camp was generously brought to you by Pur Water

This week’s challenge was all about collecting coupons. Here’s what Beth said:

Why Collect? While many say they spend more when clipping coupons, but there’s more to it than just using them. You have to use them at the right time! Couponers can save an average of 50-70% per shopping trip if you know how to use them correctly.

Alli at Alli-n-Son

Alli is starting to really enjoy the Budget BootCamp and see it paying off. How are you doing on your journey? Let us know! Here’s what she said this week:

I didn’t get serious about couponing until the last few weeks. I’ve always had blogs that I’ve followed for freebies and good deals, but I would always just skim through them, looking for the best deals.

OK, I still do that. But now I’m looking a little closer. Because those freebies and great deals are saving me money. And I like that.

Check out her site here for more on this week’s challenge.

Brandie at Rudy Family Rukus

Brandie is a couponer like Beth and I: she hates to clip coupons she won’t need. See what she said:

I do not clip coupons unless they match a sale. I file the entire packet from the Sunday paper each week into a file folder I bought at Walmart. I keep them for 5 months after that they are usually all expired.

Check out the rest of her coupon tips here.

Kristina from 3 Under 4
As I’m writing this I’m thinking, “If she can do it with 3 under 4, anyone can! So, no excuses, check out where she gets some of her coupons:

* My grandparents get the paper every week and give me the coupons…Woot woot! So lucky to have them do that.
* I have signed up for accounts with companies to get their coupons if I use their products often
* I keep my eyes out for other coupons that are hidden in the paper….once again from my grandparents.

See the rest of her challenge here.

Laura at Better in Bulk

Yay! We finally got Laura, our frugalite! This week she (dare I say it!) struggled a little!!! Here’s what she said,

Ok, I admit that I know how to clip coupons. In fact, I often do clip coupons. I stick them in an envelope and carry them around in my purse….until they expire and I throw them out. I pull them out of my purse while I’m shopping and check out the items that I have coupons for, but more often than not the deal is not “good enough” for me to use the coupons. So, again, they go back into my purse until the next time I remember to pull them out and consider using them.

If you’re like her and are new to couponing you re gonna wanna check the rest of her post out HERE.

Finally, our Pur Water giveaway. The winner is….Rana, number 22.

Did you do well this week? Are you an ardent couponer or newbie? Leave a comment and let us know or link you blog up here.

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