Budget Boot Camp Challenge III Wrap Up

This week’s challenge was generously sponsored by Hanes .

Challenge III: You may only put generic items into your cart. These can be store brands only or no-name products. At the end of the week we’re gonna see how much you saved from the products you normally purchase!

First off, you have to visit Beth’s site HERE to check out her meal plan this week. By meal planning each week she saves a fortune and some of you meal planning newbies will wanna check out her plan and copy it! Stop by her site here and see her wrap up this week too!

Brandie at Rudy Family Rukus

Brandie is like most of us and likes certain brand name products but by doing some savvy shopping and watching a list and meal plan she managed to save money this week! Can anyone gave her a big WOOOOOOOOOT! Here’s what else she said,

I am going to have to say I probably failed this challenge. I mean there are some things I just won’t budge on. I know have I mentioned I am stubborn?
Items I will buy generic: butter, some cheeses, cream cheese, milk (if the store brand is cheaper), garbage and storage bags.
Items I just won’t budge on: frozen and canned veggies I have tried the generic and I just can’t eat them sorry, cleaning products and laundry detergent, and as I already mentioned toilet paper.

Go here to check out the rest of her shop.


Alli at Alli-n-Son

Alli is not a brand loyalist and didn’t find this too tough although she’s looking for someone to tell her that store bought toilet paper is fine! What is interesting is that she managed to cut her bill already just by using our 3 hints. I wonder how you dear reader are doing?
Anything that saves me money, I’m all for. In fact, I’ve been a loyal store-brand shopping for a long, long time. I rarely find something that isn’t as good as the name brand. More often than not, I haven’t purchased the name brand, so I have no idea if the store-brand lives up to it. But as long as it works, tastes good, doesn’t leave our clothes with holes, I’ll gladly buy it.

Go here to check out her Top 10 list on what she buys generic.


Laura is our resident frugalite and one of these challenges we’re gonna stump her and find something she’s not already doing! This week she admitted that she frequently buys generics, in fact 90% of the products in her cart are just that. But then she surprised me by saying she’d lowered her bill this week. Find out how here.


Kristina at 3 Under 4

Simply by shopping at ALDI this week Kristina managed to save a whopping amount. Can you guess how much? Here’s what she said,

I went shopping at ALDI’s and spent a total of $41.39! Wow! The only things that I had to go to Tops for was Dinosaur brand BBQ sauce (there is just no substitute), Carnation Instant Breakfast (they don’t make a generic), and shredded coleslaw. Everything else I was able to purchase at Aldi’s.

Hop on over here to find out how much her grocery bill went down by, you’re gonna love it!

To find out the winner of this week’s challenge pop on over here to In Good Cents.

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