Budget Boot Camp Challenge 1 Review

Challenge 1: Make a Meal Plan is officially over and our challengers did well. It’s hard to change your mindset over from eating out or eating on the run to actually planning and preparing but once you do it gets easier I promise! Would you like to see how they call fared? here goes:
Goodson Family Journey
Mitzi’s post was called Successful Failure and I have to say I think she’s beating herself up too much. She’s our resident Frugalite Newbie so if that’s you head HERE and be encouraged that she’s in the same boat! Her biggest challenge was eating out and in her words,

Saturday night Brayden stayed the night at his JuJu & PaPa house since we had plans to go to the lake so instead of pizza we went out to dinner & pick a place we hadn’t been in forever but love & ended up spending WAY TO MUCH; it was so nice to have a dinner with my hubby but Lord have mercy it was kind of steep!! Lastly, Lance failed to grab his leftovers in the fridge so he ate out for lunch on Monday!!

On a good note, I loved her picture (above) of where she hung her meal plan – in full view so she wouldn’t forget and would stick to it. Pop on over here and read the rest of her post and give her some encouragement that it gets easier!


Rudy Family Rukus
Brandie is out of town but that didn’t stop her from completing the challenge and she even remarked on how surprisingly easy it was. Here’s what she said:

I sat down with my husband and we planned out 3 weeks of meals. This is atypical as my husband is on vacation (more about that soon) so he was involved which I found very helpful. We planned meals that were sensible, healthy, and that we like as a family. I made a shopping list and bought what we would need for the week and then stuck to it. We did spend a little more than usual because we went out of town and had a large family BBQ for the holiday, but it was nice to have a plan and not run back to the store several times.

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was and how if I plan ahead that I am less likely to give in and go out to eat which is where we waste a LOT of money.

Good job Brandie! You did fab, now you’ve got to keep it up. Click HERE to read all of her challenge this week.


Better in Bulk

Laura is an avid meal planner so the first challenge was not tough for her, in fact her post was full of fab tips that you need to check out HERE, Number 4 is my fave reason too. Here’s a snapshot:

Just so I don’t forget, here are a few reasons why I (and YOU) should plan meals in advance:

1. I know exactly what I need to buy at the grocery store, so I avoid buying unnecessary items.

2. When I buy only what I need, I spend less.

3. When the menu is planned I always know the answer to the question, “What’s for dinner?”

4. No more 5:30 headaches trying to figure out what I’m in the mood to prepare.

5. Fewer trips to the grocery store.

6. Fewer wasted ingredients bought and never used.

7. I’m less likely to eat out when meals have been planned ahead.

8. Meals tend to be more healthy and well balanced when planned ahead.

9. I am way more likely to leave out the veggies when I haven’t planned ahead.

10. Cooking is more enjoyable when there’s less stress!



Alli didn’t have trouble either this week as she’s a meal planner too. But, she has a 2 year old who doesn’t like the same menu and so she came up with a plan that I liked that avoids the same old chicken nugget fight!

The kiddo on the other hand, has been tough. I’ve gotten in the habit of making the same 4 things for him, simple because I know that he’ll eat it. I hate throwing away food that a picky toddler refuses to eat, but has mashed up with his fingers to an inedible mess. So a couple of weeks ago I started planning a toddler lunch menu. Which has helped. Well, at least I’ve added two more thing to our rotation of lunches. But I have a hard time sticking to it. Lunch ends up being quickly thrown together at the last minute. Either because we were out with friends, running errands or at the park. Nap time is quickly approaching, but I need to fill up the kiddo’s belly first, so he will sleep longer than 30 minutes.

Check out her post HERE where she’s even listed a sample menu that you could use!


3 Under 4

Kristina found that meal planning when things are off schedule was a little tough but she did come up with a plan HERE. She also mentioned what to do with leftovers:

Ok, ok. I know I am pretty boring when it comes to our breakfasts and lunches, but I am all about easy to eat and quick to eat foods. I also add in yogurt and fruit daily.

Lunches are made of PBJ, cold cuts and cheese, or tuna and are served on whole wheat bread.

I’m sure you are wondering what we do with our leftovers. One word…Daddy. Paul happily takes leftovers to work and polishes them off.

So, how did that meal plan go? Find out here.

Our pal, Trench Mommy Mandy is outta town so won’t be participating this week or next. Hope you have fun gal!

So, how did you do? Leave your link below so we can all visit!

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