Brunch Menu

I love having my girlfriends over for a nice brunch and a few weeks ago put together a fun Brunch Menu I thought you may enjoy.  Here’s how we did brunch.  Click on the links for recipes.

  • Pineapple on a stick. Really it could be any fruit on a stick but I used pineapple. Banana and strawberries alternating would be really cute!
  • Egg & Bacon Wreath. This was a winning dish for sure as it tasted as good as it looked.
  • Bacon.  No brunch is complete without it but ours was turkey bacon to save on fat!
  • Caramel Apple Sweet Potato Pancakes by my friend Trish look di-vine.
  • My Cinnamon Roll Pops got all the love!
  • Waffles cut up in a cup with syrup on the bottom. My friend Trish made some.

Now if you wanted to serve appetizers instead I highly recommend:



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