Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We all know someone affected. It may be an aunt, a sister, a friend. For me it was my Grandma. As a young girl I knew she’d had one of “the girls” removed and as a youngster that was pretty scary. Sadly it spread to other parts of her body and a few years later I lost my Grandma to cancer. At the age of 11.

Every time I go to the doctor and have to let them know that she did, it makes me sick that we don’t yet have a cure for it. I often say “If I was in charge I’d put the top 20 minds in one room for a year until they gave us a cure!” Thankfully (especially for Hubs) I’m not in charge but I’d love to see a cure for this rampant disease and as a frugalite if there’s something I can do for free I’m gonna do it.

By visiting the Breast Cancer site through 3 seconds a day of your time will mean their sponsors help fund mammograms. Here’s how:

  1. Sign up to receive an email that reminds you to visit the website, and fund a mammogram.
  2. By clicking on the button on their site, you are helping a mother, sister, aunt, best friend.
  3. Browse the gift shop

The reality is, not everyone can afford a mammogram. And while I’ve heard they’re not exactly pleasant, they do help in the detection of breast cancer, which steals lives every day. It only takes a few seconds (literally, 3 seconds) and sponsors fund the mammograms.

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