Blogher09 and my Mum-cation

So I figured it was high time I did a recap on my time at Blogher this year. There’s been a lot of controversary going on about it, whether it was any good, whether the sessions were worth it and why we had to fight for swag. So I’ll just throw in my tuppance worth for you if you care. Mostly I’ll just show you pics!Here’s how it started with Nat and I having only met IRL (in real life and outside our computers!) a week previous about to spend 3 days together. We’ve chatted through the internet for months but the way we acted you’d think we’d been friends forever. We attended a fun pre-Blogher party sponsored by Ridermakerz where I got a cool car for my little peanut, and won a carseat from 360Media. I was giddy by this point!Then I had the What Woman Want day at Ford. It was really cool to see Ford in a new light. They’ve got some great new features coming out including the My Key and they showed us hands free parallel parking. I can’t pp to save my life so when they told us the car would do it for us the girl I was with tried (I was a chicken!) and sure enough… did it! Hubs would love that for me!
I also tried out another safety feature – a way to get out of the boot from inside just in case. Here’s a video of me that Mommy Niri took!

Along the way there I met some very cool people including Dawn from Because I said So. She’s my friend Candi’s hero and so I was a big dork and got her autograph and a piccie but the piccie has since disappeared from my camera. Stink!

I had a blast getting to know Jyl a little. She seriously is super cool!
It was also great to meet Moosh in Indy and High Impact Mom. Yup, you can tell by now that people just introduced themselves by the name of their blog sometimes or that’s how you knew them! Anyway it’s Casey and Amanda!This lunch was sponsored by, yup, Ragu. Nat and I thought it was so cool that the jar was made from tomatoes and other Ragu ingredients….
As was the table settings………………..Oh yeah and we got to meet Chris Mann and even got a signed CD and tshirt.

I spent some time with Midwest Mommy which was also very fun. She’s a trip and an anonymous kinda gal!
Small Mann Crush!! Oh yeah and then there was the swag. I’ll be honest anytime anyone offered me free stuff I kinda looked at them like, “Sure I’d love some, I’m a freebie blogger!” That’s not why I went but it was a nice perk. The only thing I disliked was the limited amount of swag and people fighting for it. Seriously now we’re ladiiiiiiiiiiiies and should behave accordingly!
But I guess it all comes back to this and my new found friendship with someone who’s about to move an hour away from me. I had a blast on Mum-cation and realized that it’s really about the relationships at things like this.


  1. Mrs. Cline says:

    Aww, love you, dear Clair! And yes, people who see us together must seriously think we've known each other for years!

    (I'm working on a blog post about YOU today too! I'll send you the link. 😉 )


  2. MommaHughes says:

    wow!!! Ragu is even cooler than I realized!!

  3. moosh in indy. says:

    I miss your accent Clayr. I mean, Clair.
    Lovely to meet you.

  4. jyl (Mom It Forward/#gno) says:

    I LOVED meeting you at BlogHer! You were part of my experience from my very first party until the end! So fun!

    I hope we'll get to see each other at other upcoming conferences soon. And if not… then next year in NYC, baby!

    Let's keep in touch in the meantime via Twitter and our sites!

  5. Midwest Mommy says:

    Oh that is a cute pic of us!! I am so glad we met and go to hang out so much! You're the best 🙂

  6. Thanks for this post! I feel like I was there!!! Looks like you had a great time Clair!!

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