Beyond The Rack: Up to 70% Off Retail

Beyond The Rack is an invitation only site that has “events” for 8 new brands each day and right now not only can you sign up but you’ll get a $10 shopping credit when you do!!! Members save up to 70% off retail on designer brands including:

* Levis, * Gucci, * Coach, * Versaci, * Armani, * Marc Jacobs

Here’s what one of my Mummy Deals Facebook fans said about it:

I order from there very often. Great customer service and great prices! And yes shipping sometimes varies and might take a bit longer than other websites. To keep pricing so low they can’t buy the goods before knowing the exact amount that will sell on the site. Keep in mind that they have to wait for merchandise to come to their warehouse before shipping it to you. I love BTR 🙂

Go to Beyond The Rack to sign up and start saving big on designer brands.

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