Best Place To Buy Spices

What Are Spices?

According to Wikipedia: A spice is a dried seed, fruit, root, bark, or vegetative substance primarily used for flavoring, coloring or preserving food. Sometimes a spice is used to hide other flavors (as in the time I seriously ate snake in Thailand!)  Spices are distinguished from herbs, which are parts of leafy green plants also used for flavoring or as garnish.

My Mother-In-Law is a frugal shopper and recently she’s found that the best place to buy spices is down the ethnic aisle.  This didn’t shock me as at Christmas I always grab my cinnamon sticks from there as they’re way cheaper but what’s gonna shock you is her breakdown of the spices and seasoning prices.  Thanks Mama Boone for putting this together!

Price Comparison on a Spice.

Mexican Food Aisle $2.99 for 2 oz.
McCormick’s Gourmet $4.99 for .25 oz. (YES, 1/4 of an ounce)
McCormick’s Regular $4.79 for .2 oz. (1/5th of an ounce)

Price Of Spices.

$2.99 for 2 oz.
$39.92 for 2 oz. of McCormick’s Gourmet (price x’s 8 for 2 oz.)
$47.90 for 2 oz. of McCormick’s Regular (price x’s 10 for 2 oz.)

Isn’t that a crazy difference in spice prices?

Now I’m even buying other items there.  Dad wanted some cookies so I got some there for 50 cents a package as opposed to $4 for name brand.

Often they have 7 oz. fideo noodles for around $.35- they are little packages with different shapes if you are making any noodle salads or so – that’s only $.70 for almost a #. They have alphabet, wagon wheels, etc. Even for soup ——hhhhmmmmm you could make CHEAP chicken noodle soup using cheap # chicken and these noodles! Great for the freezer even for a meal for someone. Big pot of soup for under $1 or make these authentic Mexican Recipes.


  1. Julie W. says:

    Other great places to buy spices: Walt’s produce section has bagged spices which are inexpensive and Aldi has a small selection of 2oz spices for 99 cents.

  2. If you live in NW Indiana, try Molly Bea’s Ingredients in Chesterton. They sell a large variety of spices there for cheap. In the spring, I got rosemary for 1.76, where at the grocery store it would of cost me 7 for the same amount. I have occasionally even seen them have coupons in the local mail.

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