Best deals on baby food

Well, here it is…the eagerly anticipated post on the best deals on baby food! It’s been a busy week (hence the lack of grocery store posts yet) but I wanted to get this up as I’ve promised it for a while and I have one girlfriend who really wants to know the results – you know who you are ;>)(Britt and I – your intrepid reporters off on a story to hunt down the best deals!!)

Anyway, I couldn’t work out how to embed the table so go here to see the results. As you can see, it’s quite clear cut and you know where Mummy will be getting her baby food, especially as sometimes they put it on sale!
Would you like us to compare something else? Send me a note and we’ll try our best!


  1. what is the code to see the keep and share doc? It asks for user and pw. oops.

  2. Hmmm it says I need to ask you to share the doc with me. My username is bnc1219.

  3. Hey girls, Thanks for notifying me! I think I’ve resolved the problem. Let me know if not! Clair

  4. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know the best deals for paper towels and toilet paper? I am wondering if it is better to buy in bulk at Costco or stick to purchasing at Walmart.



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