Beauty From the Cupboard: Introduction

beauty from the cupboard

When a friend and I discovered this website over a year ago, we were shocked by the information. It seems like everything we’d always believed about products was true: lots of them are very toxic. It’s hard though to make radical changes and use things that are less damaging to your body and the environment without putting a dent in the budget but, I rationalized: i had to try.

I remember as a kid that a sweet old lady in our church who became our surrogate Grandma after all our grandparents died when we were young, had the most amazing skin. As I got into my teens I asked her about it and giggling she revealed her secret: egg.

Egg? On your face?! At 15 I wasn’t as willing to try such a treatment as I am now but with a little encouraging I did as she suggested: baked a batch of cookies! Now this isn’t the key to the story but it sure helps because you’re not using the whole egg. Once you’ve used the yolk and white the part that remains in the shell is what you need. Yup, that tiny little bit at the end. You simply take that, rub it on your face and when it turns hard you wash it off.

It’s not the kind of thing I do every day by any stretch but when I’m baking I always use the leftover egg as a quick inexpensive face mask.

After my Go Green and Save Green series I decided it was time for a Beauty From The Cupboard series which has been brewing in my mind for months. Enjoy!

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